• How to compare mortgage loan offers. Comparing loan estimates is essential in the home buying process.  First, request loan estimates from the multiple lenders you are considering. You will need the following information to begin your loan application: your name,
  • This is no way to run a central bank. Presidents are empowered to pick central bankers who share their economic views, but not to undermine the goals that Congress has set for the central bank. Just as Mr. Trump crossed a line in naming
  • Workers are forming unions at nonprofits and think tanks. Nonprofit organizations would seem like fertile ground for workers hoping to organize. Magnets for younger, highly educated and idealistic workers, nonprofit groups have long been known for a culture of unpaid hours, low salaries and
  • Consumer Action INSIDER - February 2020. The February 2020 issue of the Consumer Action INSIDER outlines our new "Get Covered" health insurance education and training module; invites readers to participate in our upcoming webinars on how FinTech can help consumers save money, budget, and more; explains how "spreading the word" can stop the spread of common scams; updates readers on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's work and asks the question: "Why isn't it providing financial relief to wronged consumers?"; and more.


  • Forced arbitration: A clause for concern. Whether you realize it or not, chances are you have agreed to arbitration on dozens of occasions, forfeiting your right to take problems—even serious ones—with a product or service to court.
  • House passes bill to overhaul credit reporting. The House passed legislation aimed at overhauling consumer credit reporting and providing additional protections and opportunities to rebuild credit.   The legislation includes language calling for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to establish
  • New rules gutting consumer watchdog from the inside. A new enforcement policy at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the most recent example of an agency drifting away from its mission to police Wall Street’s bad actors, advocates say. The CFPB
  • How to fix mistakes in your credit report. Your credit report is an important document that determines the amount you can borrow for a home. Your credit score is based on factors found in your credit report and is part of the calculation
  • Multifamily housing: An innovative avenue for first-time buyers. Long considered the domain of established real estate investors, multifamily properties increasingly are becoming a popular path to homeownership for some first-time home buyers. Many are millennials priced out of booming property markets in expensive

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